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Resource Name SourceTypeCategoryLanguage
*NEW* Community Kitchen Toolkitscreen-shot-2016-09-26-at-12-18-49-pmNBFASANToolkitAllEnglish and French
*NEW* Farmers' Market Toolkitscreen-shot-2016-09-26-at-12-17-16-pmNBFSANToolkitAllEnglish and French
Community Garden ToolkitScreen Shot 2020-08-17 at 2.39.38 PMNBFSANToolkitAllEnglish and French
Community Food Mentor ToolkitNB Food Security Action NetworkToolkitAllEnglish and French
Farm to Cafeteria Fact SheetsFarm to Cafeteria CanadaFact SheetsAllEnglish and French
a collection of recipes from
mapleton teaching kitchen
Mapleton Teaching KitchenRecipesAllEnglish and French
Basic Food SkillsMapleton Teaching KitchenGuideAllEnglish and French
Food SafetyMapleton Teaching KitchenGuideAllEnglish and French
Reading Food LabelsMapleton Teaching KitchenGuideAllEnglish and French
Program planning and deliveryMapleton Teaching KitchenGuideAllEnglish and French
Eating Well for LessMapleton Teaching KitchenGuideAllEnglish and French
Healthy EatingMapleton Teaching KitchenGuideAllEnglish and French
RECIPES Community Food Mentor manualMapleton Teaching KitchenRecipesAllEnglish
Feeding 9 billion video seriesEvan Fraser- University of GuelphVideo seriesAllEnglish
Guide to Growing School Gardens in AlbertaGovernment of AlbertaGuideSchoolsEnglish
Action Schools! BC School Support and ResourcesGovernment of British ColumbiaVarious ResourcesSchoolEnglish
Alberta Health Services- Information for School NutritionAlberta Health ServicesVarious ResourcesSchoolEnglish and French
Bulk Buying Club Best Practices ToolkitFood Security Network of Newfoundland and LabradorToolkitAllEnglish
Building Soils for Better CropsFred Magdoff and Harold Van Es, USDAGuideAllEnglish
CHEF's Toolkit!Government of New BrunswickToolkitSchool. AllEnglish
Community Food Enterprise: Local Success in a Global MarketplaceWallace CenterReportAllEnglish
Community Garden Best Practices ToolkitFood Security Network of Newfoundland and LabradorToolkitAllEnglish
Community Kitchen Best Practices ToolkitFood Security Network of Newfoundland and LabradorToolkitAllEnglish
Community Inclusion Networks Success storiesEconomic and Social Inclusion Corporation of New BrunswickReportAllEnglish and French
De la ferme ˆ la cafétéria: guide d'implantation pour mettre l'alimentation responsable au menuEquiterreGuideSchoolFrench
Être pauvres et bien se nourrir : Essayez-le! Résultats d'une enquête sur le coût des aliments réalisée en 2012Front commun
pour la justice sociale du N.-B. inc.
ReportAllEnglish and French
Evaluating Outcomes of Community Food Actions: A GuideThe Chronic Disease Prevention Alliance of CanadaEvaluation GuideAllEnglish and French
Farm to School Healthy Choice FundraiserFarm to School ManitobaGuideSchoolEnglish
Farm to School Salad Bar GuidePublic Health Authority of British ColumbiaGuideSchoolEnglish
Food Resources for Communities & Community FoundationsCommunity Foundations CanadaGuideAllEnglish
Farmers' Market Best Practices ToolkitFood Security Network of Newfoundland and LabradorToolkitAllEnglish
Food Forests for Fredericton?One Acre Farm NBPowerpoint presentationAllEnglish
Food Security Initiative PresentationsFood Security Network of Newfoundland and LabradorPowerpoint presentationsAllEnglish
FRESH: Food and Urban Agriculture StrategyCity of EdmontonGuideAllEnglish
Moving Towards Healthier Eating ChartsCommunity Food Centres CanadaGuideAllEnglish
Frozen Local: Strategies for Freezing Locally Grown Produce for the K-12 MarketplaceInstitute for Agriculture and Trade PolicyGuideSchoolEnglish
Healthy Land, Healthy People: Building a better understanding of sustainable food systems for food and nutrition professionals- PrimerAmerican Dietetic AssociationPrimerAllEnglish
Healthy Food in SchoolsGovernment of ManitobaGuideSchoolEnglish
Improving Cooking and Food Preparation Skills: A Profile of Promising Practices in Canada and AbroadHealth CanadaPromising PracticesAllEnglish and French
J'aime 5 à 10 portions par jourQuébecActivitySchool, KidsFrench
Lessons Learned in Organizing Community Food Skills Workshops: A Facilitation GuideEcology Action CentreGuideAllEnglish
Making the Case for Healthy Freshly Prepared School MealsCentre for EcoliteracyGuideSchoolEnglish
Manual for Creating Food Forests on Public LandAndy Cambeis via Growing Food Security in AlbertaGuideAllEnglish
Nutrition Tools for SchoolsOntario Society of Nutrition Professionals in Public HealthVarious resourcesSchoolsEnglish
Propagating the Food Movement: Provincial Networks and Social Mobilization in CanadaUniversity of Toronto and partnersReportAllEnglish
Regional Food Hub Resource GuideUS Department of Agriculture (USDA)GuideAllEnglish
Procuring Local Foods for Child Nutrition ProgramsUSDAGuideSchoolEnglish
Roof-top Gardens: An option for green roof-tops and self-sufficient fresh food productionRural Industries Research and Development CorporationsGuideAllEnglish
Root Cellars Rock Food Skills WorkshopsFood Security Network of Newfoundland and LabradorWorkshopsAllEnglish
Rural Community Food Centre ReportCommunity Food Centres CanadaReportAllEnglish
School Garden GuideGovernment of Nova ScotiaGuideSchoolEnglish
Teaching the Food SystemJohn Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public HealthLesson PlansCampus, SchoolEnglish
UBC's Sustainable Campus Food GuideUniversity of British ColumbiaGuideCampusEnglish
Vancouver Food StrategyCity of VancouverGuideAllEnglish
Thought About Food? A Workbook on Food Security & Influencing PolicyFood Security Projects of the Nova Scotia Nutrition Council and the Atlantic Health Promotion Research Centre, Dalhousie UniversityToolkitAllEnglish and French
What Does it Cost to Eat Healthy in Your Community? A Training Guide to Participatory Food CostingNova Scotia Participatory Food Security ProjectsGuideAllEnglish
Community Food ToolkitNourishing OntarioToolkitAllEnglish
The Pod Knowledge Exchange Community Food Centres CanadaVarious ResourcesFood Banks, AllEnglish
Working With GrocersHealth CanadaReportAllEnglish and French
Farm Tour HandbookACORNToolkitFarmersEnglish
Discovering Community Power: A Guide to Mobilizing Local Assets and Your Organization’s CapacityJohn McKnight- Asset-Based Community Development Institute
School of Education and Social Policy
ToolkitAllEnglish and French
Guide to Marketing Channel Selection: How to Sell Through Wholesale & Direct Marketing ChannelsProduced by Cornell Cooperative Extension and adapted for Nova ScotiaGuideProducersEnglish
Tackling health inequities through public health practice: A handbook for actionNational Association of County and City Health Officials (USA)ToolkitAllEnglish
Seed MapUSC CanadaPortalAllEnglish
Community Tool BoxUniversity of KansasToolkitAllEnglish, Español, العربية
Feeding 9 BillionUniversity of GuelphVideo seriesAllEnglish
Backyard Magic- The Composting HandbookGovernment of New BrunswickGuideAllEnglish and French
Action for the Environment Waste Reduction in SchoolsGovernment of New BrunswickGuideSchoolsEnglish and French
Mapping Food Matters: A Resource on Place Based Food System MappingGround Works Learning CentreGuideAllEnglish
Healthy Food Guidelines for First Nations Communitiesimage001 (1)First Nations Health CouncilGuideAllEnglish
It Starts with a Seed-Community Food Action ProgramStartsWithASeedCommunity Food Action ProgramSuccess StoryAllEnglish and French
National Aboriginal Diabetes Associationimage006National Aboriginal Diabetes AssociationToolkitAllEnglish
A Growing Good-Community Food Action ProgramGrowingGoodCommunity Food Action ProgramSuccess StoryAllEnglish and French
Wellness Week Planning ToolkitWWToolkitThe Wellness Movement, in collaboration with NBFSAN and othersToolkitAllEnglish and French
Wellness Success StoriesStart Your Story LogoThe Wellness MovementSuccess StoryAllEnglish and French
Kent Food Security Network Monthly meal planKent Food Action NetworkToolkitAllEnglish