Have company coming over? Planning on a major get together with your family and friends? Holidays coming up and you plan on having a full house? There are lots of different times when you might find yourself having to come up with meals for a full house. Fortunately, there are dozens of different ways to deal with this challenge and for each way, there is a further plethora of subcategories.

On this section of our site, we are going to look at some of the ways in which you can entertain a number of guests, meals and all, without having to stress yourself out too much. You don't have to go out and find yourself a Ottawa MLS listings expert, either. The answer lies in dishes that are easy to make.

Just what do we mean by easy? Well, first of all, there is the amount of work you need to put into making the different recipes you will find here. The number of steps it takes to make a dish is the first consideration; after all, you can't expect a 12-step recipe that includes separating yolks and white, blending ingredients, and cooking in different phases to be done quickly. The recipes in this section will be straightforward without a lot of intermediate steps; they won't require a cooking lesson!

There is more to making a recipe simple than just the time it takes in order to create the meal, though. There are lots of recipes out there which have relatively few steps but which take a lot of time in terms of prep work. Not in this section! The recipes here will be simple without the cook needing to worry about going out to the grocery store for a bunch of specialty foods or cooking items; you will find meals that use what you likely already have in your fridge and utensils that are included in every kitchen.

And then, last but not least, there is the cleanup. The essence of a simple recipe is keeping that simple theme from beginning to end. We've cut down the shopping and the steps, but a truly simple recipe will also mean there is a lot less clean up to worry about when the dish is prepared. Our recipes keep this in mind; after all, with that amount of company you will have more than enough dishes to worry about, you don't need cooking to add a bunch of extra work.

What you might find surprising is that cutting a bunch of the details out of cooking a meal for company does not mean that you serve food that is plain or mundane. In fact, we think that many of the recipes you find in this section would not be out of place at an event where a Toronto caterer has been hired. Some of the dishes that are the most pleasing for company, and pack a good nutritional punch as well, can be some of the simplest to put together.

If you are about to start a culinary adventure that has you a little bit worried, have no fear. This section of our site is designed to help out anyone cooking for a number of people by providing some simple, tasty recipes that will leave your guests happy without draining all of your energy.

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Simple Meal Ideas

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