Backyard BBQ

Everyone gets excited for summer! Kids get excited because it means no more school, unless they have the misfortune of attending summer school. Or they have to work the summer at some Oakville banquet halls job instead of spending their days at the beach. Adults get excited because they can wear more comfortable clothes from their Etobicoke homes closet to work instead of a stuffy suit every day. The summer also means a chance to spend more time outdoors with friends and family and partaking in fun outdoor activities that you can do during the winter months. One such fun outdoor summer activity? Having a backyard B-B-Q!

The summer time is the perfect time of the year to throw a backyard B-B-Q for you and your Cornell Markham friends and family members. Nothing quite screams out it's summer like the sounds and smells of a traditional backyard B-B-Q. There's nothing more rewarding to look forward to after a long day of work at the office away from your home for sale in Windsor ON than spending the day with your most cherished loved ones and having a barbecue. Getting your friends and family members together for a backyard summer B-B-Q is a tradition for most people.

You get to plan what to eat, what to drink, what to wear and what games to play. Depending on the size of your backyard you can throw as an elaborate summertime backyard B-B-Q as you want. Or if you're into small gathering, as intimate as a B-B-Q party you want. If you have recently moved and are new to the neighbourhood and haven't had the chance to get to know everyone else in their Riverdale houses, inviting them over for a B-B-Q is a good ice breaker. It's easier to get to know your neighbours over a well cooked hot dog or hamburger and a beer or three. If your B-B-Q is a success, you're neighbours will warm up to you and will invite you over for gatherings at their homes. So make sure you impress them because you might only get one shot.

What exactly do you need to throw a successful backyard summertime B-B-Q? First off, you're going to have to decorate your backyard. Get some tables with comfy cushioned chairs. Having a couple of long resting chairs doesn't hurt. People do like to stretch their legs out after a good meal. Festive cups, cutlery and patio lights will add to the ambiance of the evening. Pick out some good party music. Something everyone will enjoy like classic rock. Then clean your grill and mow the lawn.

Now the important part: food and beverages. Make sure you stock up on sauces, burgers, veggie burgers, buns, hot dogs, ice cream, potato salad, chicken burgers, kabobs, and ice cream. As for beverages, tell your guests to bring their choice of alcoholic beverage as you will be supplying them with lemonade, iced tea, water and pop. You should be able to have a successful backyard B-B-Q if you provide your guests with the above mentioned items. Enjoy yourself!

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