Guiding principles

  1. Sharing innovative, evidence based actions
  2. Population Health Approach
  3. Collaboration with partners

Areas of Responsibility:

Members of the committee will:

  • Participate in monthly meetings.
  • Provide advice and direction in the creation of a strategic plan.
  • Contribute to the development of the action plan when applicable and resources allow.
  • Connect individuals and community groups to resources in the form of people, funding, ideas, connections, and opportunities.
  • Share narratives and information that will help promote the network and the concept of food (in)security.
  • Stay in contact with partners of the network and provide partners with relevant information to their areas of interest or projects.

Partners will:

  • Be encouraged to share their ideas, projects, resources, etc. with the steering committee.
  • Join the steering committee for meetings to share their projects and initiatives when appropriate.
  • Request that the steering committee meet in their community in order to learn more about their initiatives and connect them with potential resources.

Join us! To become a member of the committee contact Jessica Sargent at or 778-6343.