Community Gardens

Big Ferry Road Community Garden

The local community garden is well used and cared for with 36 garden plots being used by 32 family units in the 2014 summer season. To become a member of this community garden there is a $20 seasonal fee plus 5 hours of shared garden maintenance.
Location: Sovereign Church, Big Ferry Road, N.B
Contact: Joash Schumpelt
Phone Number: 625-2568
Register online at:
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Loggie House Collective Garden

This community garden is run and used by the clients of MORE services. This has provided them, not only with fresh produce, but also has given them the opportunity for exercise and a group activity. This garden is one plot with no seasonal fee. It is grown organically and the group does compost on site. Location: Loggie House Cultural Center, 222 Wellington Street, Miramichi E1N 1M9

Contact: MORE Services

Telephone: 506-778-6166

Ian Baillie Garden

The grade 2 and 3 students at the Ian Baillie Primary School grew produce in raised garden beds in an area close to the school. Garden is open to the community to maintain and harvest.

Contact: School Principal Elizabeth McCarthy

Phone: 778-6076

Metepenagiag Healing Garden

This community garden is grown and maintained by both summer band employees as well as by community volunteers. Every day there are at least five people active in the healing garden. Community members are welcome and come and go freely during the growing season. They do compost on site as well as grow organically.
Location: Red Bank
Contact: Tracy Ann Cloud
Telephone: 506-836-6108

Esgenoopetitj Community Garden

This Community garden is grown and maintained by a regular committee. The community has two gardens, one with herbs used by the school and the other to grow produce which they then will distribute to the community elders and the local food bank this year. With the funding they received from the ACORN Canada they have purchased a garden shed from SAVCO in Miramichi for $1,000.00. They attempted to compost but found it difficult to obtain the amount of organic matter needed to compost properly. They used fish for fertilizer in the garden, a wonderful, time honored maritime tradition that returns many rich nutrients back to the soil.

Location: Burnt Church

Contact: Barb Paul

Telephone: 506-776-1234

Neguac Community Garden

This garden is located at the Centre Scolaire Communautaire la Fontaine in Neguac. In previous years this garden was utilized to teach school aged children about where their food comes from.


Community Development Agent: Tanya Bernard

Phone number: 776-3870

Blackville Community Garden

Last year a small group of dedicated volunteers who had taken the community food mentor course set up a community garden. No one from the community is currently using the garden. There is a $10 seasonal fee for a personal plot. This year Ken is using the garden to grow produce for the local food bank.

Location: go to the end of the Bartholomew Road, located on Murdock Burn’s property
Ken MacIntosh 843-7872
Penny Curtis 843-2354
Greater Blackville Resource Centre 843-9024