Community Fresh Box

Community Fresh Box

What is it?

The Community Fresh Box is essentially a food purchasing club.

It operates by members registering for the program at a cost of $15 dollars per month (There is an additional one time membership fee of $5.00 the first month you join).

The $15 dollars is combined and used to purchase produce in bulk from a local wholesaler. This allows us to offer a basket of fresh produce at a much cheaper cost (Approximately $30 worth of produce for $15.) than the members could purchase at local retailers.

What is in the basket?

Fresh Produce

  • Staple items that are consistent include potatoes, carrots, onions, apples, oranges and bananas
  • Seasonal items such as yellow beans, and strawberries

A Monthly Newsletter which includes the following information:

  • When to register for next month’s basket.
  • A list of what is in the basket and also a recipe.

Who will use the program?

The Community Fresh Box is a universal program which is open to everyone.

Research shows, in other communities, seniors are the biggest participants.

This is a great program for anyone, however, our hope is that people who otherwise would not have acess to  fresh produce, because of the rising cost of food, will also be involved in the program.

What is the reason behind The Community Fresh Box?

It becomes a promotion of healthy eating, at a time when obesity and diabetes rates are on the rise.

The Community Fresh Box removes stigma’s associated with low income families, which in return becomes a feel good project.

By being a member you are helping others, the more people involved the more fresh produce we can purchase.

What do we need to make this program thrive?

Support from our community through membership and sponsoring families in need. To sponsor one family it costs $15 dollars a month. No commitment necessary, if you want to sponsor one month, every month or not at all the choice is yours.

Volunteers to help sort and fill baskets. Spread the word, the more members the greater the program.

Boxes are ready for pick up the 3rd Friday of the month at the Chatham Legion between 1 pm and 6 pm.

Payment for boxes can be made at 1745 Water Street (across from The Great Canadian Dollar Store) Mon-Fri

9 am to 1 pm. You can also pay for the next month’s box on pick up day. Payment is due the 2nd Friday of the month. Boxes must be paid for in advance. If you miss pick up your box will be donated as we have no storage.


Glenelg Youth Alliance

Karen Arseneault

506 622-7328

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*15% fee is included in the price of your Community Fresh Box to help with expenses for the program.