Greater North End Food Security Action Network (GNEFSAN)

On November 14, 2015,  a crisp fall day, members of the Greater North End Food Security Action Network and community members from several Saint John neighbourhoods went on our very first gleaning expedition. We arrived via RiverCross Mission bus at Fullerton Farms on the Kingston Peninsula. After a warm welcome by Jill Fullerton, who showed us the ropes of what we could pick and how to do this, we got to work. The group harvested carrots, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, turnip and Brussel sprouts, and Jill donated potatoes and squash. In total we gathered over 400 lbs of produce, a portion of which gleaners took home and the remainder was donated to the North End Food Bank.

Despite the muddy boots at the end of the day, everybody had a good time and left with healthy food for the themselves as well as their neighbours in need.

Special thanks to Jill Fullerton of Fullerton Farms for the welcome, homemade cookies and coffee as a post-harvest treat, and the invitation to come back next year. The Greater North End Food Security Action Network plans on making gleaning an annual event, and hopes to increase the number of farms and Saint John organizations involved.

Fresh Cauliflower…. delicious.