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About the Community Food Mentor Program

Food is a part of everyone’s life; it connects us all. However, issues involving food and food security are becoming increasingly complex.  Today we are faced with many food choices, conflicting information about diet and health, limited time for meal preparation and questions about how and where our food is grown.  Some face additional challenges such as living on low income, limited transportation, limited kitchen facilities or limited food knowledge and preparation skills.

Community Food Mentors (CFMs) are a province-wide network of certified individuals who share their skills in food and nutrition within their own communities. The goals of this program are to build partnerships and community capacity to increase food security in New Brunswick by addressing these challenges.

The Goal of the Community Food Mentor Program is to develop a network of dedicated food mentors in New Brunswick communities through a shared learning experience that will increase the exchange of information on food skills, healthy eating practices and local food sourcing in the province.

Background information on the CFM Program
Vision, mission, and values of the CFM program
Who are Community Food Mentors?
Examples of Community Food Actions taken on by CFMs

 “In late September, along with 11 other women, I began a program to become a Community Food Mentor. We learned about food safety, food security and healthy eating. These ladies had different backgrounds, ages and careers but all had a common goal: To improve the nutrition of those around them. There were a number of teachers and people working with children to improve school food. Several of us work at churches and were looking to improve the quality of food we serve to our community. The most important thing I’m taking away from this program is a sense of community and the relationships with people I wouldn’t normally have met. Thanks so much to Tanya James, Lori Heron and Natalia Baker, Horizon Health Network Public Health Dietitians, for this wonderful opportunity and awesome program.” -Charlotte Ferris

Community Food Mentor Programs in New Brunswick:

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Community Food Mentor Resources

Community Food Mentor Facilitator Toolkit 

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