Who are Community Food Mentors?

Community Food Mentors are individuals who:

  • have a passion for food and community
  • commit to participating in the program sessions
  • gain National Food Safety Certification
  • have an interest in sharing skills and information within the community
  • provide reliable, relevant and unbiased information on healthy eating and community food initiatives
  • enhance the work of individuals, community groups and organizations involved in community health and food initiatives


After completing the program, certified Community Food Mentors will have increased their knowledge and understanding around:

  • The five pillars of food literacy: basic nutrition, where our food comes from, how to grow our food, how to store our food, how to cook our food
  • How to address food security in their communities
  • Community strengths and resources
  • Partnerships and connections with individuals and community organizations
  • Leadership and community development skills

How do Community Food Mentors help the community?

Through their involvement in Community Food Actions, Community Food Mentors help increase:

  • Awareness and access to resources and education regarding healthy eating and food security
  • Food knowledge and preparation skills
  • Access to local, healthy food
  • Opportunities for community’s to engage and mobilize around their food security priorities