NB Food Security Update / Mise à jour sur la sécurité alimentaire au N.-B.

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Upcoming Events in November/ Événements à venir en Novembre

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After School Hours Grant opportunity now available

Another After School Hours Grant opportunity offered through the Department of Healthy and Inclusive Communities, is now available. This grant program will provide up to $1000 to support after school hours initiatives that are held during the school year. This program is intended to support affordable opportunities that are offered to all school aged children to be active, pro-social and engaged in fun activities while building positive relationships that will last a lifetime.To be considered for funding, programs must demonstrate opportunities for school aged children (5-17 years old) with a minimum of 3 days per week and a minimum of 2 hours per day during the priority time frame of 3pm – 6pm.

All programs must follow the After School Hours Guidelines provided. Programs must clearly identify opportunities in ALL 4 components as outlined in the After School Hours Guidelines:

    1. Physical activity
    2. Healthy Eating
    3. Community Strengths
    4. School Work/Homework

All applications will be accepted until November 18, 2013. Please click here for application and guidelines.

Une autre opportunité de financement pour Après l’École est maintenant disponible

Ce programme fournira des subventions maximales de 1 000 $ pour financer des activités après les heures de classe qui ont lieu durant l’année scolaire. Il vise à appuyer les programmes permettant d’offrir à un coût abordable aux enfants d’âge scolaire des occasions d’être actifs et de participer à des activités sociales et amusantes tout en établissant des relations positives qui dureront toute la vie. Sont admissibles les programmes qui offrent aux enfants d’âge scolaire (de cinq à dix-sept ans) la possibilité de participer à des activités au moins trois jours par semaine et deux heures par jour, entre 15 h et 18 h.

Les programmes doivent respecter les lignes directrices des programmes offerts après les heures de classe. Les requérants doivent clairement établir les possibilités offertes par les programmes dans chacune des quatre composantes suivantes:

    1. l’activité physique;
    2. la saine alimentation;
    3. les forces communautaires;
    4. les travaux scolaires et les devoirs.

Les demandes seront acceptées jusqu’au 18 novembre 2013Cliquez ici pour le lien pour le formulaire d’application ainsi que les directives.



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(information en anglais seulement)

CANstruction Greater Moncton 2014. It is being produced by Champlain Place and The West End Food Bank. The goal is to raise 10,000 cans of food for Moncton’s four food banks and two soup kitchens. All food raised will be divided evenly amongst these six organizations. All funds raised will go to The West End Food Bank. The dates of this wonderful event are May 1st – 4th, 2014 at Champlain Place, Dieppe, NB. The hope is that this effort will be the boost food banks need as they enter the busy, but lean in donations, times of summer. The vision for CANstruction is one that is long-term as we are working to set this up as a Legacy Event, one that helps many families for numerous years to come. Please help us recruit teams and sponsors. Spread the word as much as you can within your circle of influence. Thank-you for your help.



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Click here for more information.  Apply before November 30th!


STEP UP – where enthusiasm meets experience / quand l’enthousiasme recontre l’expérience

Farm Management CanadaCanadian 4-H CouncilCanadian Young Farmers’ Forum, and Canada’s Outstanding Young Farmers’ Program have joined forces to deliver the STEP UP Program! STEP UP is an on-farm mentorship program for those interested in learning Farm Business Management Skills in a hands-on setting. Want more information? Click here

Gestion agricole du Canada , le Conseil des 4-H du Canada, la Table pancanadienne de la relève agricole, et le concours des jeunes agriculteurs d’élite du Canada ont uni leurs efforts afin de présenter le programme de mentorat STEP UP! Le programme STEP UP est un programme de mentorat à la ferme qui s’adresse aux personnes qui souhaitent acquérir des connaissances pratiques en gestion d’entreprise agricole. Vous voulez obtenir de plus amples renseignements? Cliquez ici


FREE passes available to ACORN Community Food Skills Workshop Series!

Thanks to the NB Department of Healthy and Inclusive Communities, ACORN is pleased to announce that we have a limited number of spots in this workshop series available at no cost! Interested in making your own bread? Confused about all the food labels out there? Wanting to grow your own organic veggies? This series has all the information to get you started! We would love to see everyone who wants to learn more about local organics take in these workshops, and now there is no reason not to! Check out the full line-up here and register by November 11th to take advantage of this offer!


New Brunswick Environmental Network Hiring Programs Coordinator

Are   you  interested  in  learning,  connecting,  engaging  with  the multi-faceted  groups, individuals, agencies and organizations working on  the  varied  environmental  issues  in the province?   Do you like working  with  people,  organizing and facilitating meetings, and have experience in teamwork? The  NBEN  (www.nben.ca) is a dynamic and innovative organization that functions  as  the  New  Brunswick’s environmental movement’s “central station”   –  and  they  are  currently  looking  for  a  motivated  and well-organized  individual  interested  in environmental issues in New Brunswick to fill the position of Programs Coordinator. Click here for more information.

In the News/ Dans les nouvelles

Volunteer wants to help people eat better


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Cooking is second nature to Cliff Gunn and his family, but the longtime interviewer at the Fredericton Food Bank says he knows there are many clients who pick up their food hampers and don’t know what to do with the items. “You’d be surprised how many people don’t know what a squash is or how to do it,” he said. “Or cabbage. Unfortunately, the Canadian way of looking at cabbage is to chunk it up and put it in salt water.” During his six-plus years as a volunteer, Gunn said he’s tried to give as much advice as he can to struggling people, many who are male, on how to prepare certain items and create better meals. That desire to provide better advice and more assistance to his clients was what prompted Gunn to sign up for the community food mentor program. He was among 10 that graduated from the program recently.Participants in the provincial program take part in a five-day training course, led by public health dietitians and included a one-day food safety certification course. The idea is the food mentors work in the community to lead and support responses to local food security issues. Gunn said he interviews at least 1,000 people dealing with food insecurity a year. He said although there are people who struggle with access to food, one of the biggest things he sees is people who struggle in the kitchen…Click here for full article/ Pour en savoir plus, cliquez ici.

Fire-ravaged food bank’s shelves refilled

Times & Transcript, 
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PETITCODIAC – It’s an inspiring story even by small-town Maritime standards. Less than 48 hours after Petitcodiac’s food bank was completely destroyed by a fire, the community has rallied to the point that the food bank now has to turn down some (but not all) donations because they don’t want food going bad on their shelves. Asked by a reporter Tuesday afternoon how everyone at Support People of Today Charitable Services Inc., also known as SPOT, was doing, manager Vicky Crossman had a surprising answer. “We are wonderful!” she said enthusiastically. Originally, Food Depot Alimentaire, the distribution centre for all the food banks in southeastern New Brunswick, was putting together emergency replacement food for the destroyed lot they had sent to Petitcodiac just a few days before Sunday’s fire. Now however, “we’ve told FDA to hold off. We don’t want to take any more than we need,” said Crossman. “The shelves are almost full and we’re expecting a tractor-trailer this afternoon.”…Click here for full article/ Pour en savoir plus, cliquez ici.

Appel à la générosité


La période des fêtes peut être difficile pour les personnes les plus vulnérables de notre société. Heureusement pour eux, plusieurs organismes préparent des projets d’aide de Noël, comme celui des boîtes de Noël, qui sont distribuées à plusieurs milliers de personnes dans la région du sud-est. L’an dernier, le Food Dépot Alimentaire de Moncton a fourni 1850 boîtes de nourriture à des familles dans le besoin. Selon la coordonnatrice des projets spéciaux, Chantal Sénécal, l’organisme devrait donner 1750 boîtes pour cette période des fêtes. Il est encore possible de faire des dons dans les Credit Union à Moncton, afin d’aider la campagne des boîtes de Noël. «L’année passée, les fonds sont venus un peu tard. Nous avons eu un peu peur au début, mais nous avons eu beaucoup de soutien de la communauté. On a pu réussir notre objectif. On aimerait que ça commence un peu plus vite cette année puisque l’on est très occupé tout de suite.». Plusieurs activités s’organisent également afin de venir en aide au plus grand nombre de gens possible. Des initiatives comme la campagne «Sue Stultz Turkey Drive» pour amasser des dindes ou encore «Fill the bus» sont des activités planifiées et essentielles puisqu’une boîte de Noël coûte 75 $…Click here for full article/ Pour en savoir plus, cliquez ici.

Harvest for the Hungry begins next week


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The Greener Village Community Food Centre and The Daily Gleaner are launching the sixth annual Harvest for the Hungry Campaign. Over the next four weeks, individuals, groups and businesses will try to meet the growing demands of the centre that assists 2,300 people each month. The campaign’s goal is to raise enough food to keep up with the demand until the food donations start to come in during its holiday food drive, Elizabeth Crawford Thurber, the food bank’s executive director, said. The summer months deplete the centre’s food purchasing budget, and it’s difficult to keep the shelves stocked, she said. Feeding over 2,300 individuals each month is especially difficult, she said. “We purchase 95 per cent of our food over the summer months. This time of year is when we try to stock up and get ready so, by the end of Christmas, we will end up with more of a surplus to take us through January and February,” she said…Click here for full article/ Pour en savoir plus, cliquez ici.

Oxford investira 184 M$ dans la transformation du bleuet


Ça fait 45 ans que le fondateur d’Oxford Frozen Food, John Bragg, fait affaire avec des producteurs de bleuets sauvages de la Péninsule acadienne. 
À son avis, la compagnie qu’il dirige a prouvé 
depuis longtemps son engagement dans la 
région et il ne cache pas son excitation quant 
aux retombées potentielles du nouveau 
projet majeur qu’il vient de lancer. L’entreprise néo-écossaise a fini par confirmer ce que les rumeurs laissaient entendre depuis déjà plusieurs semaines. Elle va investir 184 millions $ sur une période de dix ans dans la construction d’une nouvelle usine de transformation à Tilley Road, à l’ouest de Tracadie-Sheila, tout juste à côté de celle qu’elle détient déjà à Aliments de la Péninsule, et dans l’aménagement de plus de 15 700 acres de terres de la Couronne en champ de culture de ce petit fruit. Quelque 300 emplois à temps plein et à temps partiel devraient être créés durant cette période et on estime que ces investissements se traduiront par un apport de près de 7 millions $ par année au produit intérieur brut du Nouveau-Brunswick…Click here for full article/ Pour en savoir plus, cliquez ici.

Bleuet : un plan pour investisseurs et producteurs


Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 1.01.58 PM

Même si c’est vu comme un pas dans la bonne direction, la nouvelle stratégie provinciale du bleuet sauvage 2013-2018 ne réglera pas tous les problèmes des producteurs locaux, croit l’Association des producteurs de bleuets sauvages du Nord-Est, toujours aussi inquiète de la très probable arrivée d’un gros joueur dans l’industrie de la transformation. Le ministre de l’Agriculture, des Pêches et de l’Aquaculture, Michaël Olscamp, et le vice-premier ministre et ministre des Ressources naturelles, Paul Robichaud, ont présenté en début de semaine, à Inkerman, un plan qui devrait permettre aux producteurs actuels et à d’éventuels investisseurs d’y trouver leurs comptes. Face à la stagnation du Nouveau-Brunswick dans le marché mondial du bleuet (10 à 12 %), le gouvernement Alward a lancé une initiative de maximisation qui ciblera les ressources humaines, l’innovation et la productivité, le climat des affaires, l’accès à des capitaux et aux infrastructures ainsi que le marketing et la promotion…Click here for full article/ Pour en savoir plus, cliquez ici.

Donations could amount to hill of beans


Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 1.02.05 PM

Feeding the hungry is worth far more than a hill of beans. But the hill of beans, gathered at Investors Group, will go a long way to help meet the food bank’s goal of 897 cans of baked beans during the Harvest for the Hungry Campaign. Ian Wilson, Investors Group regional director, said its clients and consultants have been adding to the canned bean collection over the past several weeks. He said cash donations were used to purchase cases of beans to add to the hill. Now, he said, it measures two metres wide and just more than a metre high and contains roughly 700 cans. Wilson said he hopes others will get involved in the Harvest for the Hungry campaign as well so the food bank can exceed its goal Elizabeth Crawford Thurber, executive director of the Greener Village Community Food Centre, said it takes a lot of beans along with tinned meats to help provide its 2,300 clients with enough food to feed them for three days each month. The Daily Gleaner has partnered with the food bank for the past six years during the Harvest for the Hungry campaign. Its goal is to raise enough food to keep up with the demand until the food donations start to come in during its holiday food drive, she said…Click here for full article/ Pour en savoir plus, cliquez ici.

Trick or Eat supports FDA

Times & Transcript, 

Trick or Eat in Moncton North collected 1,429 pounds of non-perishable food for Food Depot Alimentaire and raised $975.55 in online donations this Halloween. Across Canada, over 8,000 youth and community members visited 85,000 homes in support of local food banks and the nearly 900,000 Canadians who have to access their local food bank every month. Moncton is one of the many cities and towns across Canada that participated in Trick or Eat this year, with friends making up members of Team Fun (Moncton) putting on their costumes and gong went door-to-door on Halloween to support Food Depot Alimentaire. “Our group of friends has really enjoyed participating in Trick or Eat for the last seven years. We appreciate the chance to help feed people in our community faced with food insecurity issues, and hopefully we contribute to some small improvement in their lives,” said organizers Shannon Samson and Tasha Campbell in a press release. Meal Exchange’s annual Trick or Eat campaign mobilizes youth and community members to fight hunger and helps fill the shelves of more than 100 local food banks across Canada in just one night.“Trick or Eat provides a much needed boost to food banks across Canada at a time when many are struggling to keep up with demand,” said Peter Kapler, executive director of Meal Exchange.

School garden helps those in need

SHANE MAGEE Kings County Record

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SUSSEX — Several hundred pounds of fresh produce was donated to the Sussex Sharing Club last week straight from the garden in front of Sussex Regional High School. Danny Reicker’s agriculture class began the first fall harvest from the garden on the afternoon of Sept. 9 with representatives of the food bank on hand. “One thing we’re always short on is perishable goods,” Alfie Smith, president of the sharing club, told students before they got their hands dirty pulling carrots, beets and potatoes. Reicker roughly estimated 500-plus pounds of carrots and 300 pounds of potatoes were delivered. The sharing club runs a food bank and store on Eveleigh Street. “It’s really great to have the fresh foods to give out,” said Lois King, the club’s administrator. The food bank usually gets fresh produce from Moncton. Smith said they aren’t often able to get potatoes for those who come to the food bank. Earlier this year, King said there were 200 household registered who could use the food bank service. She estimated the food donated will last about two months, helping cover the Thanksgiving period.  King expressed her appreciation for the work done by Reicker and the students. Reicker’s class had planted the garden in the spring…Click here for full article/ Pour en savoir plus, cliquez ici.

Canstruction competition can help feed hundreds

JAMES FOSTER Times & Transcript, 

When the manager of the West End Food Bank saw his first Canstruction competition during a trip to the United States, the wheels started turning in his head about all the hungry mouths in Moncton that could be fed through such an event. And now, the first Canstruction event ever in Metro Moncton is set to go from May 1 to 4 in Champlain Place, wherein groups vie to build the wildest and/or finest structures possible, with cans of food acting as the main construction materials. “This is going to be a very neat thing,” Ben MacMichael says. Canstruction is visually striking and it’s a lot of fun as well, but the end result is that a lot of people get to eat dinner afterwards who otherwise might not have that opportunity, as all the foods used in the event are then donated. Competitors build their designs or structures using canned foods as their building blocks. Their extraordinary creations are then judged, exhibited to the public in Champlain Place and then donated, in this case to the area’s four food banks and three community kitchens.MacMichael hopes that the initiative raises 10,000 cans of food…Click here for full article/ Pour en savoir plus, cliquez ici.

Oromocto displays Harvest for the Hungry haul


Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 1.02.26 PM

What does roughly $10,000 worth of food look like? If you want the visual, you’re invited to attend a non-religious community gathering at the Oromocto Baptist Church at 11 a.m. this Sunday, where people will be able to see the spoils of a Halloween food drive in support of the Oromocto and Surrounding Area Food & Clothing Bank. Rev. Perry Hanley, lead pastor for the Oromocto Baptist Church, said many people participate in campaigns like the annual Harvest for the Hungry effort. But they rarely get to see, at least physically, the impact of their donations, the sheer size of their generosity. “The donor has no clue. The guy who’s given a box of cereal and a can of soup says, ‘Well, I don’t know what this will do.’ But when they see the combined efforts of their neighbours, they’ll be excited,” he said… Click here for full article/ Pour en savoir plus, cliquez ici.

Le groupe d’experts sur les prix du homard présente son rapport


Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 1.02.33 PM

Le groupe d’experts sur les prix du homard dans les Maritimes, composé de trois membres, a présenté, aujourd’hui, son rapport et ses recommandations sur l’industrie du homard aux ministres des Pêches du Nouveau-Brunswick, de la Nouvelle-Écosse et de l’Île-du-Prince-Édouard. Le groupe d’experts indépendants a été nommé pour examiner les facteurs ayant une incidence sur les prix du homard. «Les membres du groupe ont pris le temps nécessaire pour mener un vaste processus de consultation ces derniers mois, et je suis persuadé que leurs recommandations serviront de base pour nous aider à relever les défis auxquels doit faire face l’industrie du homard», a déclaré le ministre de l’Agriculture, de l’Aquaculture et des Pêches, Michael Olscamp…

Biggest Scandal Yet: Harper concludes sell-out of Canada in the CETA

(NFU, Saskatoon, SK) – Of all the negative actions that Harper has taken, the Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement (CETA) is by far the worst. Harper has sold Canadians out to be governed by foreign corporations. “The devil is always in the detail, which this government has never disclosed,” contended Terry Boehm, President of the National Farmers Union (NFU). “We do know from leaked draft texts and from the EU’s similar agreement with South Korea that CETA is essentially a ‘Corporate Bill of Rights.’” “Canadians are losing the fundamental tools of economic policy. We cannot restrict the movement of capital, which make us vulnerable to wild currency fluctuations. Except for six-month terms during emergencies, we cannot take measures to influence our balance of payments. This is disastrous for our economic sovereignty,” Boehm pointed out. “Nor can we use offsets in regard to covered procurements – all those goods and services tendered by all levels of government, such as schools hospitals and creatures of government such as crown corporations.” Boehm quoted the definition of an offset from a leaked draft of the CETA text: “any condition or undertaking that encourages local development or improves a party’s balance of payment accounts such as the use of domestic content, the licensing of technology, investment, countertrade and similar actions or requirements.” “We are witnessing the destruction of our autonomy as farmers, governments and citizens. Local food systems will be severely restricted. Harper’s negotiating tactic allowing increased importation of European cheeses will have negative effects on dairy farmers. As well, the increase in beef exports to the EU is a red herring – we have not filled existing export quotas for hormone-free beef to this point,” he exclaimed. “From reading CETA’s precursor texts, this deal is horrendous no matter which way you look at it. We need Harper to open CETA’s final text for all to see, and to let Canadians say no if they don’t like what they see. Canada’s successful future depends on it,” Boehm concluded. To voice your opinion on CETA contact your Member of Parliament

Multi Shelter Solutions helps local food bank extend the season!

(Source: ACORN blog)

ACORN conferences are a fun and educational way to connect with other organic producers and consumers from across Atlantic Canada and beyond.  Stronger connections lead to stronger communities and a greater organic resilience in the region.

photo(3)Norm  Eygenraam proved this at their Greenhouse Conference last February.  Norm, the President of Multi ShelterSolutions was so impressed by theWest End Food Bank’s Garden of Hope Project he offered to donate a greenhouse to the project.  The Garden had just completed construction on a new greenhouse and so thoughtfully asked if they could pass on the generous gift to another food project in the area. Foods of the Fundy Valley, a non-profit organization dedicated to the production and consumption of local goods in Albert County, gratefully accepted the greenhouse for their garden club at theRiverside Consolidated School in Riverside-Albert.  Now that their growing season has been extended, they plan to share their bounty by cooking hot lunches for the kids, and donating any excess to the Shepody Food Bank.

We at ACORN would like to say an official and public THANK YOU!  to Norm and his generous contribution to food production in New Brunswick. Be sure to chat with Norm and the rest of our supportive Trade Show partners at the Delta Beauséjour – November 20th – 22nd.www.acornconference.org.

Attached please find the call for applications for the position of environment program director at Metcalf.   All applications are due by November 15th.  Call for Applications – Environment Program Director-1