Fredericton school takes local approach to meals

Source: CBC News- September 5, 2012, and CÉ D’ICI ! Facebook

A new school year at Fredericton’s Centre Communautaire Sainte-Anne is underway and both students and patrons of the centre will have the option of eating healthier and eating more local foods.

The centre’s new head chef René Thériault was brought in to develop a new, healthier approach in the facility’s kitchen.

The multi-purpose centre includes 1300 students from both École Sainte-Anne high school and École des Batisseurs grade school, a French library, a daycare and a few other businesses.

Prepackaged foods are out. The goal for the new menu is to have 30 per cent local ingredients, with healthier meals produced from scratch.

The staff has undergone special training to be able to prepare the new menu that includes learning the valuable time-saving skill of the fastest way to chop vegetables.

They are being rewarded for the more challenging work, including a slightly higher wage than before, a chance to build hours towards a chef certification, and the possibility of profit sharing.


School Menu example


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