Vision, Mission, and Values of the Community Food Mentor Program

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NB communities are food secure and benefit from each other’s strengths, knowledge, skills and passions around food.


Community Food Mentors are empowered to partner with communities to increase food knowledge, skills and strengths, to facilitate bridging with community members of all backgrounds, and to support the capacity of communities to increase food security.

Values Statements

The work of CFMs will reflect these values:

  1. Food security is a priority on all levels; individual, organizational, community
  2. The strengths, wisdom & preferences of community members are invited, respected & shared
  3. Community actions reflect community assets and address community priorities
  4. Community actions are collaborative and sustainable through partnerships

The Goal of the Community Food Mentor Initiative

To develop a network of dedicated food mentors in New Brunswick communities through a shared learning experience that will increase the exchange of information on food skills, healthy eating practices and local food sourcing in the province.